How can the old driver lack the vehicle hose!

If you want to drive well, car hose is indispensable! There are many applications of vehicle hose in automobile, and let me tell you in detail!

Are you very familiar with this scene? On the one hand, when vehicle navigation encounters complicated road conditions, it is often more difficult than the driver himself. Basically, drivers who use vehicle navigation are not immune to vehicle navigation. Mobile phone navigation is more reliable than car navigation in the most critical time. So the problem is, when using the mobile phone navigation, where to put the mobile phone? Put it on the leg? Put it on the steering wheel? Many drivers choose to use the steering wheel as a temporary mobile phone bracket to fix the mobile phone on the steering wheel, but there is also a problem. If the mobile phone needs to be charged, or if you need to bring a headset while using it, the charging cable or headphone cable will go around the steering wheel! And if there is an emergency In addition, if the air bag pops up, the mobile phone will become a serious safety hazard! Especially in the case of relatively fast driving speed! Therefore, the best way is to use the mobile phone holder / mobile phone charger in the car! Speaking of this, the car hose has its place of use. According to its nature, the vehicle hose belongs to a type of shaped hose. It has a certain bearing capacity and can be bent into a specific shape at will. The mobile phone bracket / mobile phone charger made of vehicle hose is usually placed on the right side of the steering wheel. It has two ends, one end is connected to the cigarette lighting hole (very stable, it will not shake left and right), and the other end has three sockets on the pan tilt, which are a 12V DC charging port and two USB ports, which can charge electronic devices. It has a snake rod bracket on it, which can rotate 360 degrees, and the height angle can be adjusted at will. The top anti-skid clip holds the mobile phone firmly and won’t fall off due to bumps. For this kind of equipment, the old driver just wants to say, it is really too practical!

In addition, like the fixation of vehicle mounted tachograph, there is also a place for vehicle hose. With the vehicle hose, the old drivers can fix the tachograph at a certain angle in the car as they like without worrying about it shaking or even falling down during driving! Moreover, they can adjust the position and angle of the tachograph at will to achieve the best driving record effect. It’s so amazing. It’s easy to use. Don’t do it! A small car hose is the favorite of the old drivers!

Post time: Nov-24-2020