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  • Specification for use of hose

    Storage of plastic hose The storage room must be cool, ventilated and dry enough. High ambient temperatures above + 45 ° C without any air flow may cause permanent deformation of the plastic hose. Please note that even in the packaged hose reel, this temperature can be reached in direct sunlight....
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  • How can the old driver lack the vehicle hose!

    If you want to drive well, car hose is indispensable! There are many applications of vehicle hose in automobile, and let me tell you in detail! Are you very familiar with this scene? On the one hand, when vehicle navigation encounters complicated road conditions, it is often more difficult than t...
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  • Analysis on the current situation and development prospect of China’s automobile hose market in 2020

    Automobile rubber hose is the main component of automobile pipeline system, which is widely used in automobile, motorcycle, engineering machinery, mining, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry and many other fields. Automobile hose is the main market segment in the hose industry. Automotive ho...
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